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MS Program Requirements (2009)

MS Program Requirements (for students entering from 2009)
  1. Advisors
    1. The advisor must be a full-time member of the CSIE department faculty. However, with the approval of the department chairman and the advisor, the student may request one co-advising professor from outside the department.
    2. The advisor shall be chosen before the completion of the second semester.
    3. The Advisor Content Form must be submitted every semester after the advisor has been chosen.
    4. Consult the relevant guidelines for NTU and for the CSIE department for information on switching advisors.

  2. Courses
    1. Required courses
      1. M.S. Thesis: required during last semester.
      2. Special Project: required for all but the first semester. Must complete at least two semesters of Special Project before graduating.
      3. Seminar: must complete at least two semesters of Seminar before graduating.
      4. Theory of Computation.
    2. Must complete 24 credits (not including M.S. Thesis, Special Project, or Seminar), at least 15 of which must be for courses offered by Information Sciences departments.
    3. Students who have passed equivalent courses before admission to the program shall refer to the relevant NTU regulations and procedures to apply for course waivers.
    4. The department will decide upon admission whether any extra courses need to be taken. Credits for such undergraduate-level courses will not apply to graduation requirements.

  3. The degree defense process will proceed according to relevant NTU regulations.

  5. Students meeting any of the following conditions will be dismissed from the program:
    1. Have not passed Theory of Computation within 5 semesters;
    2. By the beginning of the third semester, have not had an advisor for 2 semesters.

  6. Any discrepancies in these requirements shall be resolved by the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education and of National Taiwan University.

  8. These requirements are official pending approval by the Academic Affairs Committee. This is a translation of the Chinese original. In case of discrepancies, the Chinese text shall be consulted.